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Greetings from School

Hello hello!

It has been a very long time since my last post!!

So what's new since my last post? I'm living on main campus at NMSU in the dorms!  I got accepted into the School of Social Work!  My dreams are coming true!  I just have to keep on the right paths here!  I'm a Junior currently.  My classes all have a high work load but I am liking them so it's not so bad!!  

I'm extremely excited for thanksgiving coming around the corner!  It is my favorite holiday of all time!  

Life is looking better and better.  
I am still single but that's alright with me.  
I'm still trying to lose weight, it is a struggle but I'm trying :).
I've been doing a lot of growing up while here on main campus.  I'm happy about the progress I'm making :)

I wanna say thank you to everybody out there who's read my posts in the past and has been supportive of me in some way or another.
my family, and friends, and everybody I've crossed paths with Thank You all for believing in me in some way even just a little way! :)

May angels carry you

Hello everybody it's been a while since my last post!
I've been in school the past several months, and things are going well.  I am working for my associates degree in social services right now.
Life's been treating me fairly decent despite the snow we had this winter lol.  I hope everyone's been doing good too!  Don't forget it's tax time!  =)

Today I pray that the angels will come down and carry you on their wings through all your troubles.



Hello everybody,
it's amazing how much God can bless our lives if we only ask and then wait readily. 
Right now Life Matters is at 262 members and growing.  It is becoming an excellent wellspring of information on Life.

My new IT business is going very well in it's 2nd month, all my july bills are paid. God just keeps on helping me get the word around.
I am making new  contacts almost everywhere I go and I don't even have a sign on my car yet lol.

Lately I've been experiencing a major boost of energy.  I feel so energetic even as I type this! lol.

God bless you all and keep, may the wind always be at your back, may the road come up to meet you and may The Lord's face Shine upon you.

happy 4th of July

Hey everybody,
just wanted to say happy 4th of july!

Life Matters is doing well, infact we've just picked up a new partner. Her name is Bria and she just started a new website that she wants to use to help keep everybody informed as to what is going on out there in the pro life issue.  I'd like to invite everyone reading this to check out her page and join if you feel compelled to join.

The URL is

Well that's all for now!  Until Next time, God Bless you and keep you safe from harm.

End of June

Well June is almost over my how the time flies.

I am going to be in Phoenix AZ for the 4th of July visiting family and hopefully a few friends too.

My Computer repair business is picking up little by little every day.  I'm enjoying meeting new people.

I've started a new Twitter Account for my small community website that I'm working on.  I'm up to 3 twitter accounts lol. I have yet to create one for my Pro life network. but that will come soon I'm sure lol.

thus far life is going good.  I'm looking forward to the future.
God Bless,


Alright, Computer business is going so far so good, passed out 200 cards at an event I went to.

I did some work yesterday and I'm going to do some more today too.

Life Matters is up to 240 members, it's going awesome.  if anybody out there wants to catch the buzz visit and join us at

On my other network for my local area we had 5 or 6 new members there too so I'm pretty excited about that. 

Life is going good I'm praying for everyone.


Alright Life Matters is up to 231 members, I'm super excited!

I'm doing great with my new Computer business I mentioned in my last post!

I took up a new hobby, stone sculpting.

I'm still excited about school!

A friend of mine Might be getting a job making $53K a year!

Things are going absolutely wonderful, I'm about to go drum up some more business right now but I wanted to post and show the love for all you out there following me.  Thanks for following me!

And to all the people on Life Matters Keep doing what you're doing!

It's been a while

Hey everybody,
well it has been a while but I have some recent news that I'd like to post so here goes.

We're up to 214 members on Life Matters!
I'm going to be volunteering with the thrift shop at my church on tuesdays.
I'm going back to school to study social services in August, my paperwork is all done.
I'm starting a new IT consulting company called Kokopelli IT Solutions LLC!  All the paperwork will be going in tomorrow.
I am starting my company with a long term goal in mind that ties in with my social service related ideas.
things are going great!


Tularosa Rose Festival and Parade

This year for the first time in several years Tularosa is about to bring back an old tradition. The Rose Festival. This is an event that used to draw enormous crowds from all over many years ago. It died out a number of years ago and this year, through the efforts of The Tularosa Shriners Club, and some of our members of the Tularosa Basin Community Action League, we are pleased to announce its revival! Please join us on May 2nd in Tularosa to celebrate with us!

Life Matters

I'm excited to have our very first abortion survivor join us on Life Matters!!
Her Name is Brandi.  And she was aborted at 21 weeks and lived.  She has physical challenges but she's just glad to be alive and does all sorts of public speaking.  I'm very excited to have her join us on Life Matters!

Other than that I am all registered for classes and I'm ready to get started in august.
God Bless!


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